Delays with Pi 4

Those of you waiting on the Pi4 shipment from Chicago Distributors will be waiting a bit longer. Of the 1950 Pi4 units, they received 1050. The Pi 4 with 4gb order - only 150 were received.

More of the 2gb and 4gb are expected to arrive the week of July 8.

I know my 4gb was supposed to ship July 4. This puts me back somewhat, but the founder offered 10% off other items (not Pi4).

Chicago Electronic Distributors via 
Fri, Jul 5, 10:31 AM (2 days ago)
to me
Hello and thank you for your business and your continued patience.
You are receiving this email because you pre-ordered a Pi 4 2GB or 4GB from us, and we wanted to give you an update.
The Pi 4 launch has been hectic and exciting. We placed our initial orders for Pi 4 products in early June.  Unfortunately, of the 1,950 Pi 4 on our initial order, we have only received 900 of the 1GB units and 150 of the 4GB units so far.  

As an official Raspberry Pi reseller, our orders are the highest priority in the Raspberry Pi supply chain.  We are expecting to receive more 2GB and 4GB units during the week of July 8, and we will ship all orders as quickly as we can.
Keeping your pre-order with us should be the fastest way you can get your 2GB or 4GB Pi, but if you want to cancel at any time, please email us at with your order number.
As a token of our appreciation for your patience, please use the discount code "pi4" for 10% off most items on your next order.  Please note that individual Pi units are not eligible for discount, but accessories and most other collections are eligible.
Craig LeMoyne
Chicago Electronic Distributors

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