Let’s talk about xscreensaver. Why do you think you might need the most current version of a package? Did you know the Debian team refuse to upgrade a package – an available update or upgrade unless there is a bug? At least this is what it seems like from reading the forum exchange between jwz and the deb team. I was at the edge of my seat reading about this and then, I read more about other issues with Debian – such as weboob (which we also plan to port to Raspbian).

xscreensaver could use some cool images – and who knows what will happen with weston/wayland etc. Until there is no x option – we’ll stick with xscreensaver and our benevolent developer who informs us of the following:

Raspbian has no bc

Debian won’t upgrade unless there are bugs

… remember, when compiling xscreensaver, you could get an error if you comple for C because there is one C++ comment instance and that needs to be changed!

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