OpenOffice Port – Raspbian Buster on Pi4 – a journey

October 20, 2020

Obtained aoo from git. However, different versions exist. Many errors during configure. Fixed a lot of packages. Decided to start fresh.

Documented this one.. as just started hacking at it for attempt 1. 1020

As of August 2019 – git clone

“Configure: cd main/ ; autoconf ; ./configure <some-switches> ; ./bootstrap

For this step, cd main/, run autoconf, then ./configure, then bootstrap.

Configure: dmake and epm

sudo ./configure --with-dmake-url= --with-epm-url=
required dll?

Get dll – Was not really happy about this part as my machine up until now had no dll – never needed any… so………….. not winning points from me here. In fact, wouldn’t fly if someone was “free” or with a “free” box. Maybe we can do something here. Get the dll by using the link here:

unowinreg.dllpre-built unowinreg.dll Required for building the ODK which is included in the build unless disabled. This file is required for non-Windows builds. Without this file, configure will try to set up cross-compiling with windows. NOTE: Not for windows. Required on all non-windows platforms. Download by directly saving unowinreg.dll into /main/external/unowinreg from the link provided above, or by using wget: cd $SRC/main && wget -O external/unowinreg/unowinreg.dll
wget -O main/external/unowinreg/unowinreg.dll

Run configure again.



cd instsetoo_native && build –all

Stopping point 10-21

10-22: Attempt on a debian based on 64 arch… first.

Steps: autoconf and configure as above. immediately worked – then ./bootstrap.. no issues

source environment

build –all

First 7 hours no issues…

Next – failed on scripting

10-23, testers state snapshot of 4.1.8 working on debian 9 and 10.

10-24 – Anticipated install Debian 10 = closer to the raspbian version anyway.

Start over.

December 4 – resume port –

Holiday break and moved – found pi4 under a bunch of stuff.

1. Check Pi is in pristine condition [x]

2. Located cables [x]

3. 128 gb drive for compilation [x]

Load Raspberry pi OS –

  • Release date: December 2nd 2020
  • Kernel version: 5.4
  • Size: 2,949MB

Unzip…. not tar.gz – clunkity clunk clunk 2020-12-02-raspios-buster-armhf-full.img

dd if= of= progress=status

4. Upon successful completion make iso and share dev kit.

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