Regarding faux open source people

You know, please consider:

Since they treat a respected leader like this, how will they treat you?

Do you know how they treat others?

They have a broken election at OSI, but took the time to collaborate in this effort to remove RMS. Why?

I have been searching for the answers myself. I can only imagine the end game has something to do with power, popularity, and money.

Maybe not even popularity, but notoriety… Nothing being done here is noble, but we can take note…

A blip in history. A few extra zeros on the tax return every year. What will it get you?

There was an intentional campaign of misinformation. Shill articles, cronies manipulating conference speakers and talks. Adobe… Adobe spoke at a conference in 2018. So… I guess that whole Boycott Adobe effort is done now… or 🙂

A group of elitists — you know… the people who were here earlier — discussed sjws. We saw them as a joke. It’s true. Not that much has changed, but…

Power? Who would have thunk it… what is this, the medieval times?

Must be more about money. I don’t know.

I didn’t come late to the game. Maybe it has something to do with that. They are n00bs, coming in late with little to no benefit to us.

They have no idea our effort and sacrifices to get … HERE?!

The disappointment comes with project leaders from back in the day agreeing with sjws because perhaps they are “open source”, they are scared, politics taking priority over progress, and whatever else.

I liked what you had to offer, but it was PHP anyway… so, we’ll replace you now.

Moving forward – the developer way

Have a contest.

A trial of skills. The developer way!

If someone wants to run off the head of a project, take a feature or a bug, and code the shit out of it for time frame (an hour, a day, 1 week, or whatever). No outside coding help.

At the end of the timeframe (by deadline), whoever presents the best feature or fix… wins.

Fuck the dumb shit.

…and fuck your code of CON


Marcia K Wilbur, developer

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