Roll your own Pi distro free of Microsoft – a journey

Roll your own Pi Distro free of Microsoft 2021 PollenOS – Stretch based image: released 03142021 — Pi3B+ Download OpenCV face demo Tensorflow Lite object detection demo Note: we later realized Tensorflow uses contributor covenant and will not support/include future tensorflow demos VNC Newer images include x2go for various reasons. For this image, use a VNC …

Raspbian is now Raspberry Pi OS

Late spring 2020, the Raspberry Pi project renamed/rebranded the OS Raspberry Pi OS We will continue our efforts to improve their OS/distro – regardless of what the name is…

OpenCV on Pi Zero – ARM6

There are a few ways you can compile and install OpenCV for the pi0. Download source and buildDownload the zip file and use the scriptDownload the .deb package and install LINK TO Deb pkg as soon as it finishes.. OMFG.

Update your firmware on Pi4

Temperature control is not great. use heat sinks and update the firmware for a “cooler” experience.,39791.html Stay cool!

Raspbian Buster apt-get update issue and fix

This is the fix for the update issue. The value of “Suite” was changed from testing to stable. When you update, if you see this message: E: Repository ‘ buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘stable’ N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository can be applied. See apt-secure(8) …