Debian based AI Bullseye Pollen OS – Raspberry Pi OS for Pi 3B+

Using Debian Bullseye – 11, created a Pi OS – basic.

Ubuntu based AI Groovy Pollen OS – Raspberry Pi OS for Pi 4

Using Ubuntu 20.10, created a Pi OS – basic ai dev kit. This image works for Pi4 with 8gb nicely but not Pi3.

Projects for Workshops

Pi-Hole Project for blocking ads on browser.

Pi-Cast Project for casting from pi – Instructables, Some issues with casting audio in the past

Discord bot: Project for creating a discord bot on pi

Alexa Clone Project to setup pi as a clone – need a microphone to test properly

Smart Mirror – Did this with the pi but had better performance with a tablet. Quicker prototyping

IP Fire Project Firewall – The pi was really more than what I needed. Good for exercise.

AI related: