Raspbian Community - 03/14/2021 Pi images.

Free From Windows 
AIoT demo(s) included

Get Started with AIoT


As first reported by Techrights 02/2021 “Microsoft has, via the package repository, defacto root access.” –Anonymous http://techrights.org/2021/02/02/microsoft-pi/ http://techrights.org/2021/02/02/microsoft-pi/

Roll your own Pi Distro free of Microsoft 2021

PollenOS - Stretch based image: released 03142021 -- Pi3B+

OpenCV face demo

Tensorflow Lite object detection demo

Note: we later realized Tensorflow uses contributor covenant and will not support/include future tensorflow demos

VNC Newer images include x2go for various reasons.

For this image, use a VNC client on your workstation/laptop etc.

rpi3b+ demo video tflite

user: pi                     passwd: raspberry Remember to change the default passwd.

PollenOS - Bullseye based Image - experimental -- Pi3B+

Debian Based

No Windows repos!

Yolov3 object detection - tiny demo - Test  drive YOLOv3 tiny on Pi3B+

X2Go for remote desktop


Free Culture videos for running inference included

Imagenet working demo - Run predictions on included data images and more!

Ubuntu Groovy Image - very soon -- Pi4

  • Face Detection python demo - NCS2
  • Darknet Yolov3 demo