West Side Linux + pi 2019-present

The idea for West Side Linux + pi stemmed from a meeting of minds at a local tea shop. That shop became our home before covid.

We started meetings on May 4 2019.

There weren’t any west side LUG meetings and once a month didn’t seem so bad. Soon this became 2x a month and members wanted weekly. It was a long haul for me working all week at Intel and Saturday mornings in Glendale from San Tan Valley.

Alternating Saturdays were at UAT in Tempe for the installfests.

At any rate we did some great stuff and worked on awesome projects:

OTTO DIY robot

OpenVINO demos


Basic troubleshooting

One guy comes in… I open mc and he goes… there’s a command line file manager. And quickly packs up and leaves. I can only imagine he got the answer he was looking for… quickly.

We had an after school program in North Scottsdale come in looking for free workshops for kids. I told them, “sure after we finish up with the underserved communities…!!!!”

We had great holiday parties! I’m down with the party!

We ended in person meetings at Covid but held 3 Swap Meets. Thanks Paul!!!

West Side Linux + pi


A woman came from AZ Cybersecurity counsel claiming to be an “expert”. Expert what? She couldn’t even login with default pi password. As she left, I told her if she wanted to maintain her “expert” title, she needed to up her game. I know the founder. She’s an expert in social engineering… Marcia has no filter!

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